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Hi all, Dana Cope here with a new blog post about my North Carolina political appearances. As I have mentioned in previous posts, I am the Executive Director of the State Employees Association of North Carolina (SEANC) and therefore frequently speak with members of the local and national media on behalf of SEANC’s roughly 55,000 members. This post will discuss another of these appearances.

Don Curtis of the Curtis Media Group hosted a weekly radio show in 2010 called “For Your Information” on SGR Today. This radio show focused on hot topics and issues related to the North Carolina government and each week featured an interview with an influential North Carolina political figure. Don Curtis invited me to discuss the slight dip in the local jobless rate, local cities named for best job outlook, and the 2010 Economic Forecast Summit on the January 14, 2010 show.

Don Curtis began the show by joking that I am “not known for being shy” and then asked about some of the casualties we have seen in North Carolina due to the Great Recession. I mentioned that North Carolina was in slightly better shape compared to other states because the Department of Revenue, which is made up of quality state employees, had just completed a $250 million settlement with some companies that were not paying taxes. However, I pointed out that the overall quality of state services had deteriorated over the previous 12 months.

Don Curtis asked if it was fair for state services to be cut during a recession in order to balance the state budget and I responded by noting that demand for these services actually increases during a recession. Some of the examples I cited were community college enrollment, state university enrollment, and even the line at the unemployment security office. The end result is that state governments feel a double pinch as tax revenues decrease and demand for services funded by these revenues increases.

Listen to the full interview here: http://www.stategovernmentradio.com/audio-shows/for-your-information/91-for-your-information-dana-cope.html

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